KLM first airline with a verified WhatsApp business account

KLM the Royal Dutch Airlines is one of the businesses Whatsapp is testing with to communicate to consumers using Whatsapp.

KLM customers who choose Whatsapp for communications receive their booking confirmation, check-in, boarding pass and flight announcements via WhatsApp. The consumer can give an opt-in during their online booking or check-in or add KLM to their contacts.

Messages are secure so that they can only be read by the customer and KLM, and no one else, not even WhatsApp.

This service is similar to that on Facebook Messenger. Ultimately, KLM aims to offer the same functionality in all channels, which means that bookings can also be made on messaging platforms.

I am very proud that KLM is the world’s first airline with a verified WhatsApp account. This unique partnership with WhatsApp underlines our position as an aviation pioneer. We want to be where our customers are and, given the 1 billion users, you have to be on WhatsApp. With an account verified by WhatsApp, we offer our customers worldwide a reliable way to receive their flight information and ask questions 24/7. This truly is a major next step in our social media strategy.
KLM President & CEO, Pieter Elbers

Last week, it was known that WhatsApp would allow business users to join the platform. Verified accounts can be recognized by a green checkmark. There are more companies that use WhatsApp as a communication channel, but they are usually not official business accounts.

The rollout has already started in a limited number of countries, and the service will become more widely available in the coming days and weeks.

Sources: news.klm.com. Photo by b1-foto on Pixabay